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Your Virtual Coach Alex Wipf
My name is Alex Wipf. I am a successful Executive Coach and Business Change Specialist by profession, working with organisations to support them on large Change Programmes to help them “future-proof” their business. As part of these projects, I support key individuals within the organisation with their personal and business challenges to find success, job satisfaction and fulfilment.
But more importantly, I’m a spiritual adventurer. I don’t think there are many things I haven’t tried over the last 12 years to find some answers about the big questions in life. I have explored a wide range of philosophies including Kabbalah, Ho’oponopono, Feng Shui, Abraham and the Law of Attraction, and ACIM (A Course in Miracles) to name just a few, and I have had some profound experiences with spiritual teachers, healers and mediums around the world. I have done self-development seminars with Landmark Worldwide and other fascinating organisations, have experienced Past Life Regression and Rebirthing sessions, have meditated with a Guru, and practiced Qigong and Tai Chi with Chinese masters.
I have met weird and wonderful people on my extensive travels around the world, and experienced incredible highs and some disheartening lows on my personal journey to happiness. All of these experiences, combined with extensive coaching training and research, have resulted in a unique and empowering view of the world, which forms the basis for the Secrets to Happiness I am sharing on this website.
I believe everyone wants to be happy, and everyone deserves to be happy. When I coach my clients, I am inspired by how my coaching and insights truly make a difference in their lives – and with this website I am now ready and excited to reach out to a much wider audience. My purpose and personal mission statement reads as follows: To bring more happiness to the world by inspiring and empowering millions of people to live a happy and fulfilled life. A bit ambitious, you say? Absolutely! But if you’ve ever played full out for something, and put your heart and soul into it, you know it’s by far the best way to find true fulfilment – even if your chosen purpose is the most daunting (and of course exciting!) thing you’ve ever done. That’s what my personal mission statement is to me. And that’s the reason for this blog.
I am ready to play full out. Are you?


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