Your Adventure Called Life
Welcome to your adventure called life!

Life is meant to be a joyous adventure, and you were born to thrive. You already have everything you need to live an outrageously happy life – the power of thought to figure out what you want, and the power of manifestation to make it happen. For many however, life seems much more of a struggle than an enjoyable adventure.
Being happy doesn’t have to be difficult, and it is really not rocket science. Each post on this blog will cover one simple idea on how to help transform your life into the exciting and fun adventure it was meant to be. And to bring the coaching element into it as well, you’ll get a specific suggestion with each post to put the idea into practice, and see for yourself what difference it could make in your life.
Pictures Say It All
Pictures say more than words

Pictures often say more than a thousand words, and I love taking pictures to capture the beauty of the moment. Each picture posted on this website represents one of the many happy moments on my personal journey over the last 12 years, while searching for the secrets to happiness. Many have been taken during my travels around the world, but some are a bit closer to home (i.e. London, UK). I hope they will serve as a reminder that happiness is a choice no matter what the circumstances, and is often found in the simple things in life.
I hope you will find inspiration on this website for all the many ways to experience happiness moment by moment, day by day. And I’d love to get your feedback and stories too! So please get in touch, either by commenting on specific blog posts, sending me a message via the contact form , or dropping me a line on Facebook. Please also use the contact form if you'd like to receive my fortnightly newsletter. I look forward to hearing from you!